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Friday, June 13, 2014

Gratitude 6 : The Moon and The Sun

The Moon and The Sun

It's funny how
The mortals on earth
Revel in my shine;

Funny how
They find it calming
Soothing, romantic--

Funny how
They eulogize me
In verse much studied,

Funny how
They think I'm magical,
Mystical, beautiful...

...and how
They imagine were-beasts
Manifesting on my watch;

It's funny how I,
With my dull, unpredictable glow,
Have captured their imagination;

How I
Bring a sense of rest
A sense of peace, unlike you;

How funny it is
That I find place in incantation
And in children's dreams.

How funny it is indeed
That they worship me so
When all of me is but a bit of you,
When all my rays are yours
And all my shine is but a reflection
Of your blinding, burning light.
The poem is inspired by tonight's full moon which, by the way, is distinctive in being Friday the 13th with a full moon -- which will happen next in far-off 2049. And yes, allegory is intended in the poem -- but of course, since it belongs to the Gratitude series.


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