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Turn It Up.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Gratitude 4 : World Wide

A tribute to all people from different cultures around the world who have shared their time with me and chosen to be my friend.
World Wide

You look different from me
You are half a decade older
You are double my size.
Your skin is forty shades lighter,
Your culture shockingly liberal to me
Your life, in my opinion, a mess --
And yet when I first spoke to you
I thought you were friend material.

I am a rule-follower, a nerd.
To your protest-mongering rebel
I am orthodox, prejudiced,
Not to mention unbelievably tiny.
My English is strange,
Full of expressions you've never heard,
And my clothes make no sense to you--
But you thought we were similar.

I am an only child, you have siblings;
I am multilingual, you are dyslexic;
My Mom loves me, yours is dead;
I like fiction, you read essays;
I like chocolate... which you like as well.
And when we talk about everything
Or sometimes about stupid nothings
Only the chocolate matters.
The poem borrows bits from different online friends and acquaintances. Anyone see yourself in here?


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