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Turn It Up.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gratitude 3 : Surprise

The third poem of the series, for a change, is written from a perspective different from my real life view. This poem is more twisted than the first two, and touches on negative feelings that are felt alongside gratitude when favours are received down the gradient of power, position or talent.

I thought no one understood me,
And no one wanted to.
I thought that people of my kind
Were dirt to those like you.
You were a sensation,
One of the popular girls and guys,
But you stood beside me in the lab--
Surprise, surprise.

I thought my jokes were silly,
And all my clubs uncool.
I thought no one would ever want
To hang out with this fool
But you, the over-gifted,
The local star on the rise,
Sat beside me to have your food.
Golly, surprise!

You're the kid with the highest scores
In math and basketball
You're going to theatre camp
Yet again, this fall!
The day you won the Spelling Bee
By spelling 'macadamize'
You ran up to me to celebrate--
Much to the surprise

Of the cliques of pretty faces
And the loud-mouth gangs
That expect every popular kid
To fall in with their ranks--
You said you were done with 'cool'
And you'd rather socialize
With someone who dared to critique you
And oh, the surprise... insisted that I did it well.
You said that my insight
Was a gift -- and two weeks ago
You convinced me to write.
Well, I saw today's paper,
And I cannot believe my eyes..!
They published my book review.
Jolly, jolly surprise!

And today I will take you
For a treat at KFC.
But I'm afraid that you and I
Will now no longer be
The master and the apprentice --
You will soon realize
That I am the competition now...
Surprise, surprise?
I have often felt that secretly, we all like to screw over the people who got us where we are -- it gives us the high of defeating the master. Thoughts?


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