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Turn It Up.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Throwback to the Childhood Series

It's been a while since I came to CMI and dedicated the Childhood series to the new people I met. It's reminiscence time and, with the new, I'm dedicating this to the newer.

Childhood Revisited (Happy New Year)

Concreteness may crumble soon --
Yet, on lazy afternoons
There'll be ghosts that nights once held
And music old, unparalleled!
New mothers will weep and worry,
And new liars will stop being sorry;
New parties on newer nights
Will hide new darkness with old lights;
Newer, taller tales conjured
Will help new dreams feel uninjured.
Higher, silent beauty, still,
Will bring comfort no faith will;
And the sunrise, warm as ever
Will be wise, and soft, and clever;
We'll dust the diaries off the shelves
And give, from fights we fought ourselves,
Uncalled advice, fast and loose!
All we know now put to use,
And borrowed time, now paid forward --
Sleep, new childhood! We stand guard.

Freshers, welcome.


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