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Monday, May 30, 2016

My First 1920x1080 Wallpaper

I wanted to make wallpapers for bigger screens ever since I graduated out of my 1024x768 desktop computer. I went through a whole another laptop, still making wallpapers of the old size because I couldn't habituate myself to the new ratio. Finally, having a 1920x1080 laptop, most of my own wallpapers were getting difficult to use, and this summer I decided to make another attempt at making a bigger wallpaper. I had two half-started ideas that I tried to take up again, but then went off in another direction.
Full disclosure: I started with some ground and sky with a horizon, but soon it became a dinosaur's back in my head. The weather outside turned gloomy so my originally cheery background turned gloomy too.
The final result is something like my typical old work, but hopefully better.
So, here's Wallpaper 62, the pioneer in my 1920x1080 series.
Wallpaper 62: Dino Winter Gloom
As before, while the images uploaded give you the right ratios, they are often not the right dimensions. Blogger's auto-compression has different effects on different images (depending on the file size) and I keep it on to consume less internet. Full-size/better resolution/alternate sizes are all available on request. Where possible alternate aspect ratios are also available. Depending on how much work it takes me to provide them, the on-request files are usually free, but not always.
Feedback about the design is always appreciated.


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