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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Farewell Jottings -- Part Five (The End)

Today Hem Sheela Model School bade farewell to the Class XII batch of 2015. With Head Boy Nihal Singh, I, as the Head Girl, had to deliver a speech at the event. The speech was about leaving HSMS and being grateful and the like; but if I had to deliver a speech where I could say anything, the following would probably be it.
The End

The lost designs of my youth,
The fairy stories electric blue,
The proud crusades to find the truth,
The dreams of lives built anew --
Insane dreams of evermore!
Dreams of luxuries and love,
Dreams, that for every chore,
Divine Grace awaits above.
Something awaits, we still believe;
What it is, we know not still,
But someday it will come for me..
Or perhaps it never will.

There she goes, that girl who wrote
Joyous songs for feasting nuns,
Who woke at six to rush to school,
And cared after the little ones.
Went she away to new green fields --
New children, new dreams and hopes:
On her way to the world beyond,
Stopped she awhile to learn the ropes,
But not for long -- two years, they fly,
Up and out, hair streams behind,
Run, run, girl, for time is nigh:
Visions of expectant mankind --
Imagine them! With bated breath,
Waiting and watching for something new --
Something great, something fresh,
Something rare, in a million, few...!

Legend says that demons live
In human form, with us they walk;
With sweet voices, Grandma said,
Demons, in our ears, they talk.
Songs they sing, said the book
That steal innocent souls away --
Uncle Tiger said, if it's true,
Your mission is to find and slay
The demons that in humans live --
If you don't, who else will?
And so I learnt of my place --
The empty space for me to fill.

So hearken all my Farewell Song,
For today I sing sincere.
Today I bring a message true
To all my people gathered here:
You were born to fill a need,
Because no one else would do;
You were born because the world
Was waiting, eagerly, for you.
Don't let the world tell you now
That it's done and there's no more --
Tell the world, and tell yourself
Of all the promises made before,
Of proud crusades to find the truth,
And dreams of lives built anew,
Of grace, and love, and glories great--
A dream designed just for you.
We returned the badges at the end of the event, by the way. Officially done with the Council, now to trust next year's Council to keep up the (hopefully!) good work.


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