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Monday, March 3, 2014

Long Time No See

This post is not a planned comeback -- and those of you who are happy to see me after all this while owe your thank-yous to my pesky brain that, despite there being a Maths examination tomorrow, decided to update my Google+ profile, and in doing so came up with a poem.
Before I present the poem to you, I'll give you a small update on my life: I qualified for NCERT's NTSE programme, and am awaiting the first installment of the scholarship. Class XI is ending, said ending being earmarked by the Second Semester Examinations of which tomorrow's test is a part. Recently we bid farewell to the outgoing Class XII with a programme that I co-anchored with another classmate, and the general consensus is that we did a pretty good job. One of the seniors wowed everyone with an unexpected stand-up comedy act making a caper out of the entire two-year Senior Secondary journey. On a personal front, I'm pretty well settled in the new school now (not new anymore, is it?) and the thought of yet another farewell, in a year's time, gives me shudders. Worse still, this time it will be the end of school life for good. March on m'soldiers, eh?
Now for the poem I promised: being originally intended as a tiny verse for the profile's introduction, this poem was born without a title, and it cannot be put in said introduction with a title, so I came up with the (smart?!) solution of titling it 'Introduction'. Heh heh. Of course, in the sidebar of this blog, it will appear under the heading 'The Speaker' (which, in case you haven't noticed, is my custom heading for the profile gadget) ; but that, obviously, won't work as a title for the poem.

To conformists and stereotypists it might seem quite strange
When I get all worked up concerning things outside my range
But though Science keeps my mind awake
I must love Art... just for Art's sake
And Commerce gives me happy dreams of mountains of loose change.

Other carriers of tradition have a different peeve
I'm girly if you check my collars but a boy by sleeve
To them I say please go and die;
At the funeral, when I come by
I'll wear a top hat with a dress as I pretend to grieve.

And the Holy Men and Women Who Our Faiths Do Guide
Opine that my lack of the same is a manifestation of pride.
I say to them, come Judgement Day,
When folks don't burn for being gay,
I'll be, with your blessings, laughing away on the winning side.

Summarily, I choose to be a sum of variegated parts
A Calculus-and-Chemistry loving lover of Fiction and the Arts
Not a feminist nor a gay activist
But simply a complete humanist --
That's the memory I'd like to be when this life no longer lasts.
I'm not sure if 'stereotypist' is a real word, but it appears in some online dictionaries and is the best fit for what I mean to say. Thoughts?


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