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Turn It Up.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Highly Irregular!

I found a new webcomic that is good enough for regular following. Irregular Webcomic! by a geeky and extremely knowledgeable Australian guy whose name I don't know is a genuine laugh riot. It does mostly theme-based comics, built from Lego, RPG figures, and real-life photos of the author and sometimes some other people. Many themes directly draw inspiration from real-life fictional work, people or incidents, but that fact is not always admitted. I don't blame the guy, given the possibility of his humour being misinterpreted.
Two additional good things about this comic: it is PG-rated, and it raises money for the Jane Goodall Institute (he has a theme on Jane Goodall too). So go read!

Edit: David. His name is David.
Edit 2: Hah! Found it. David Morgan-Mar. I didn't want to research, and was waiting for another mention of his name as I flipped (clicked) through the archives.
Edit 3: The comic's been discontinued last year. But hey, there's a whole huge archive to read.


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