To make reading my blog and interacting with me and others easier, here are a few reminders and some information that my readers may find useful.

GOOD THINGS (heartily accepted):
Healthy discussion, comments, constructive criticism.

BAD THINGS (politely blocked):
Spam, quarrelling, impolite or offensive behaviour.

ANKITA SARKAR (person not thing; writes this blog):
About page, posts labelled 'Random Banter' or 'Musing', Post about religious/spiritual beliefs (or lack thereof). 

Posts (usually old ones) that: 
  • don't agree with my current religious beliefs: read this for an explanation.
  • say I follow a blog when I don't: I severely curtailed my reading list when my life got busier.
  • seem too childish: I often post poems and drawings made long before I started this blog as fillers or if I find them worth sharing. Besides, it's been a while since I started this thing.
  • are numbered [something]--1 without a following 2,3, etc. : Back in the day, I lost track of my series plans very often. I do rename these posts now if I find them, so please let me know.
Meanings of words (unless otherwise explained):
  • 'School', depending on context and tense, can mean CCHS, which I attended from Kindergarten to 10th (2001-2013, and I miss it so much!) or HSMS which I attended from 2013 to 2015 ie, upto 12th.
  • 'College' refers to CMI, which I have begun to attend in 2015 and intend to attend upto 2018, for my Bachelors Degree.
  • 'Boards' or 'Board Exams' can mean the public exams held at the end of 10th and 12th. 'ICSE' is one of the exams at the end of 10th, and AISSCE is one at the end of 12th -- these are the ones I answered.
  • Pujo or Durga Puja is a mega annual Hindu festival, which in Bengal is a huge deal for all Bengalis irrespective of religion. Devi (Goddess) Durga is the chief deity of this occasion.
  • 'Aakash' means 'sky', but the proper noun refers to one of several pan-India institutions that prepare students for the Medical and Engineering college entrance exams.
  • Words denoting relations like 'Uncle' or 'Auntie' or their vernacular synonyms are often used in India to refer to non-related elders, especially if we know them through our parents or friends.
  • 'Dada' and 'Didi' mean elder brother and elder sister respectively. They can also be used as terms of respect for acquaintances of an appropriate age. I use them without specification for two people who, genetics notwithstanding, I consider my brother and my sister.

E-mail subscription, translation tool.

That's all, have fun!


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